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Driving in India can be a really tricky business with the tightly packed roads, especially considering blind spots. Only a driver’s vigilance can save you from the dangers these hidden zones pose. But let’s first know what these hidden zones are and how to use various solutions to stay safe around it.

Blind spots – areas around your vehicle that are not visible to the driver or are not in direct sight of the driver, even through the standard rear view mirrors- exist in a varied range of vehicles while driving and in varying circumstances.

When drivers overlook these blind spots during lane changes, merging and reversing, perilous accidents can occur.  According to a report published by Stanford Law School in 2021, at least 90% of all motor vehicle crashes are caused fully or in part by human errors. A major part of these errors is caused due to blind spots within the vehicle.

So, to understand and address this concept is crucial for enhancing road safety and preventing collisions. This article discusses blind spots and the role of traffic mirrors in enhancing road safety. Ladwa, a trusted provider of traffic mirrors in India, offers various solutions to address these risks.

What Are Blind Spots?

Blind spots are areas around a vehicle that are not visible or are not in direct sight of the driver, even with the help of various tools like mirrors, in the vehicle. Common blind spots include:

  • Rear quarter blind spot
  • Rear blind spots
  • Front quarter blind spots/ Hood blind spot
  • Side blind spots
  • Cargo and obstruction blind spots

These blind spots can cause property damage, severe injuries or fatalities, hence, it is extremely important to address the risks of driving and not staying actively aware of these zones.

Why Are Convex Mirrors Used in Vehicles?

Convex traffic mirrors, unlike our regular mirrors, have a curved surface that reflects light differently and hence forms the image differently. Convex mirrors form a smaller image of the object in front of it which allows a wider field view when used for traffic and vehicle related uses of the same.  This plays a major role in minimizing the blind spots and providing a broader angle of visibility. Which in turn, helps in reducing the likelihood of collisions and accidents.

5 Critical Blind Spots Every Drivers Know

  1. Rear Quarter Blind Spot

Rear quarter blind spots is the area directly behind the driver’s side of the vehicle. The obstruction is caused by the vehicle’s body and the angle of the driver’s side mirror, which contribute to limited visibility.

  1. Rear Blind Spot

This blind spot is located directly behind the vehicle, the obstruction caused by the design and absence of accessibility of view from the driver’s seat without aid like backup cameras or mirrors. 

  1. Front Quarter Blind Spot

This blind spot is situated in front of the vehicle, the view obstructed by the vehicle’s hood. Drivers must practice caution and be aware of their driving techniques to mitigate the challenges of this blind spot.

  1. Side Blind Spots

Side blind spots are areas on either side of the vehicle that are not visible on the mirrors placed on either side. These zones are obstructed by the structure of the vehicle and pose danger during lane changes, if not cautious. Being unaware of these blind spots can cause collisions with vehicles on adjacent lanes.

  1. Cargo and Obstruction Blind Spots

Cargo and obstruction view blind spots are the areas around the vehicle where the view is obstructed by cargo or other objects stored within the vehicle. An obstruction in this view can risk accidents and collisions with pedestrians, vehicles or any other obstacles. For safe driving it is essential to secure cargo properly and ensure clear visibility.

Where Are Convex Mirrors Used?

Convex mirrors are used in various public settings to ensure clear and broadened visibility in order to enhance safety for people.

  • In parking lots these convex mirrors provide the entire view of the parking lot, including the blind spots. Ensuring a safe exit and entry for drivers, it also reduces collision with obstacles.
  • In retail stores and shops, convex mirrors play an important role to keep their shops safe by acting as a surveillance tool, preventing thefts and helping staff monitor the entire store from one spot.
  • On roads, especially hills and valleys or highways, convex mirrors are used to get a clearer view of the oncoming traffic where there are any sharp bends or limited visibility. This prevents collisions drastically if the drivers are astute.

In industrial plants and factories, convex mirrors are used to monitor operations on the field and to ensure that the laborers are safe, and in case of an emergency, it can be caught immediately.

How Best Traffic Mirrors Can Help

Traffic mirrors are the convex mirrors that enhance visibility of an area in order to make it easier for drivers to navigate the place. These mirrors offer a wide view of the place, strategically positioned, to minimize blind spots and increase awareness. It allows increased visibility around narrow passages, corners or areas with limited sightlines hence, reducing the risk of accidents and collisions.

Placement of Traffic Mirrors

These mirrors, often placed intentionally at places that give a wide view of the area, increasing visible area and reducing blind spots. For example, at intersections, parking mirrors are placed to help drivers beware of oncoming traffic and pedestrians. Similarly in parking lots, these traffic mirrors provide a view of the entire area to help the drivers navigate it better. Additionally, these mirrors can also often be found in driveways and other blind corners, where it is difficult to see the oncoming vehicle or traffic, in order to make it more visible. 

Benefits of Traffic Mirrors

These traffic mirrors have a numerous advantage for safety and security-

  • It provides enhanced visibility to the drivers beyond their direct line of sight.
  • It ensures increased safety for pedestrians, drivers and overall traffic.
  • It prevents accidents through providing a wide view of the area to the drivers.
  • It enables drivers to maneuver tight spaces like parking lots and narrow streets.
  • It is a very cost effective solution as compared to any technological solution.
  • Traffic mirrors have versatile applications from on roads to inside factories to driveways.
  • It is weather resistant so it can withstand a lot of harsh weather conditions.
  • Traffic mirrors can act as a deterrent to crime such as theft or vandalism by increasing surveillance on the property.

How to Choose the Right Traffic Mirror?

While purchasing a convex mirror, many key characteristics need to be considered to ensure maximum safety and functionality. Different environments require different types of convex mirrors , which are specifically designed. This makes it essential that you choose the right kind for your environment.

  1. Indoor/ Outdoor
    • For outdoor mirrors choose weatherproof mirrors and with extra safety features.
    • Outdoor mirrors include sturdy brackets and sun visor to reduce glare.
    • Indoor mirrors might not require brackets and are mounted through woods.
  1. Size:
    • Ensure you choose the right size and curvature to view the desired distance effectively. Broader mirrors provide greater visibility in all weather.
  1. Material impacts durability
    • For vandal prone areas, it is advised to go for stainless steel mirrors due to heavy duty construction.
    • For clear reflection and increased resistance to damage, go for acrylic mirrors, good for indoor use.
  1. Look for essential safety features
    • Ultimate quality convex mirrors offer incredible resistance to heat, fog, frost for clear visibility.

Ladwa's Traffic Mirror Products

Ladwa, a leading supplier of safety solutions for 25 years, specializes in occupational safety, traffic management, and environmental needs. Prioritizing customer service, we aim at providing the best quality products while also keeping them budget friendly.

Take a look at our product of traffic mirrors here-

18-inch Convex Mirror with Adjustable Bracket: Ideal for parking safety.

Unbreakable Convex Mirror| convex mirror for road safety| road convex mirror| road safety mirror| traffic mirror convex

Key Features:

  • Package Contents: Includes 1 convex mirror, installation guideline, 4 bolts for mirror backside, and 5 bolt nuts for fixing clamps with pole or wall.
  • Premium Quality: The mirror features a scratch and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens, ensuring durability and safety. Its lightweight construction makes it suitable for various weather conditions, including cold frost, heat, strong winds, hail, and solar radiation.
  • Easy Installation and Adjustment: Equipped with an adjustable ball and socket joint, allowing for easy angle adjustment after installation. Additionally, it includes wall mount fixing nuts and bolts for quick and straightforward installation.
  • Increased Safety: The convex mirror provides an overhead view, enhancing safety during maneuvers such as backing out of spaces or navigating around obstacles. Its wide-angle reflection ensures a clear view, promoting road safety and accident prevention.

24-inch Unbreakable Convex Mirror with Bracket:

Unbreakable Convex Mirror| convex mirror for road safety| road convex mirror| road safety mirror| traffic mirror convex| mirror for parking

Key Features:

  • Package Contents: Includes 1 convex parking mirror, installation guideline, and all necessary bolts and nuts for installation.
  • Premium Quality: Scratch and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens ensures durability and clear reflection. Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Easy Installation: Adjustable ball and socket joint for flexible angle adjustment. Wall mount fixing included for quick installation.
  • Increased Safety: Provides an overhead view for enhanced safety during parking and maneuvering. Wide-angle reflection ensures clear visibility.

Under Carriage Mirror:

Under Carriage Inspection convex Mirrors| traffic mirror convex| road mirror convex |road safety mirror |road convex mirror at best price

Key features:

  • Inspection convex mirror with castor wheels
  • Facilitates easy inspection of hard-to-reach areas
  • Ideal for use under vehicles, machinery, and equipment
  • Enhances security by enabling thorough examination
  • Suitable for detecting hidden items, bombs, and stolen goods

Real-life Examples and Case Studies

In New Town Kolkata, the installation of bi-convex mirrors by the New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) has successfully addressed blind spots, preventing road accidents. NKDA’s initiative, aligned with the ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ program, received positive feedback from drivers, particularly women, who previously faced challenges spotting vehicles from opposite directions. Testimonials from drivers affirm their satisfaction with the mirrors, highlighting their effectiveness in averting accidents.


Being aware of the blind spots can save many lives on roads. Overlooking them even for a second can turn a good drive into an accident. Apart from being used as convex road mirrors, these traffic mirrors play an important role in surveillance on the property and mitigate the risks involved during accidents on site. Not to forget, on hills and valleys, it can stop dangerous collisions between two speeding vehicles on a sharp turn.

To tackle these situations, high quality traffic mirrors can offer a practical solution to mitigate the risks effectively. Ladwa’s mirrors are a great pick for this since they offer a budget friendly solution with great quality products.

Prioritize safety with Ladwa’s road traffic mirrors at

So, Drive safely and stay vigilant !